Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Love Street

Wall Street? No thanks. Main Street?  Sorry.  Love Street?  Okay, now you are talking.
   And when Greece slides off the slippery slope of Europe, and financially plunges into the murky waters of bankruptcy, we all might feel the tide rush in and the rip current pulling us out to sea, cashing out our chances to escape, and finally ruining our Ship of Fossil Fools, once and for all.
   But we are already under water, way over our heads- spending over twelve billion dollars a month on our Defense Budget. Wow! Somebody's making some serious dough on these wars-and it ain't Pillsbury. Yeah, war is profitable- costing us a lot more than peace!  So Blackwater changed its name, and Halliburton changed its name. Valerie Plame kept hers secret, until tricky Dick Chenney went overboard, water-boarding. (Now he only surfs the web).

   And today the Dictator of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, was shot, and killed along with his two sons.  Like terrorist, Osama bin Laden before him with his slain family, and Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, before him, killed after his two sons.  Inevitably there will be more political assassinations, as the Arab Spring blossoms into the Arab Summer.  Father and son assassinations are a leit motif.  Attention: Kim and kin.

   Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, North Korea,, are each hotbeds of anger, frustration, vengeance, rebellion, and murder. Who are making the bullets for this run away train?  Fast track to the future when all the money and bullets are gone. "When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose," to quote folk singer, Bob Dylan. The answer is literally "blowing in the wind."  A great Haboob, blinding humanity with mass ignorance. Power and greed become a shower of bullets that bleed...

   Um Wait! Love Street- Oh that's right...I forgot that's supposed to be the Story du Jour...Occupy Love Street!  Bring in your daisy chains and love beads to a newer-age Love-In, on Love Street, USA!.  Rumor has it that Lindsey Lohan might make a celebrity appearance, after working graveshift at the downtown L.A. morgue. Now wait a minute, where exactly is Love Street?  Don't worry I'll find it- I'll just follow the Haboob. Johnathom Gallagher