Thursday, November 3, 2011

Utopian Ideals

 And so the Winter of Discontent has begun with more Occupations, than jobs!  Yes, as hundreds stand united with hands in hoodie pockets to warm themselves from the elements, we collectively wonder whom or what it is we should be directing our real frustration and anger toward .
    To me it seems so obvious that our trigger-happy nation doesn’t comprehend trillions of our tax dollars being squandered for new bombs, drones, supersonic jets, and nuclear submarines.  Yes, we recently dismantled and destroyed the biggest American A-bomb ever built, a Cold War left-over built in 1963, along with stockpiles of mustard and nerve gas, sarin poison, and other toxic weapons, declared illegal under current international guidelines.  Yes, the Theater of War holds its tragic drama beyond every coffin that is flown “HOME” to Dover Air force Base. Unless you are a Navy seal, then you are not acknowledged nor grieved publicly with honor for fulfilling your grave duty.
   So the War on Terror- uh--War on Error, is a Bush baby now pushing puberty (when all the hormones rage and simple decisions seem unclear and emotion driven.) The runaway Military Industrial Complex has usurped the American People's wealth and created a template for violent disaster in the future.  Violence begets violence.  Hate and Intolerance, Bigotry, Racism, Homophobia, all contribute to society’s confusing attitudes in negative terms. How many civilians were simply labeled "collateral damage" in Iraq and Afghanistan? How about Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Israel, et. al.?