Monday, April 30, 2012

A Moorish Moon

If ever there were a slivered moon, surely it was this eve.
Earlier at dusk, in conjunction with Venus, it seemed odd as
It hung over the horizon, like a burnt orange scimitar.

Later, when my Libran friend, Rod, quipped with blithe dismay,
“Where is Venus? Venus is gone!” True, she had slipped away
Beyond our view, leaving only a sanguine crescent hue, suspended
Like a giant scythe. I wondered if any others were marveling at the moon, with Venus gone so soon, so lythe.

In the blink of an eye, and in the eye of a storm, Mars is rusty red-
Like tonight’s Moorish moon, and its unfortunate sense of dread.
For the balance of the oceans, rests upon the motions of the moon.

The tide pulls and crests at the shore line. Only now it’s not a
sure line.  Like footprints in the sand, they dissolve into the sea.

Our deep emotions are tied to the sea- a briny solution, our tears;
Our moral shell of calcium coral and skeleton of bone-white fears.
Perhaps if time were measured in lifetimes instead of years,
Human kind would put mind over matter, and then kindness would matter.

Triumph slices through the sky, and justice seems edgy.
Nature trumps all inclinations, and a new moon will rise,
As surely as there are men who are wise-
As surely as I, who cries, “Here Comes the Sun!”

Johnathon Gallagher     January 2009

Hello Muther

Hello mom, hello dad,
Here I am in Islamabad.
There’s people fighting,
There’s people dying,
And all we hear at night
Are soldiers crying.

Hello sister, hello brother,
Here we are with one another,
There's lots of guns,
And tons of ammo
There’s nothing greater-
It's twelve years later,
We're watching "Rambo."

Hello 'Raq, hello 'Ran,
I say it that way, because I can.
But if you don’t like it, well that’s too bad-
'Cause it could get much, much worse in old Baghdad.

Hello woman, hello man.
Here we are in Pakistan,
Osama’s gone to sea, Obama’s on TV,
But who’s deciding for me
How to stop this insanity?

Hello Turkey, hello Yemen,
Here we are, your darkest demon.
Hello Russia. Hello China
Guess we’ll see ya, North Korea.
If there's still a Seoul there; keep on dreamin'.

Hello mommy, hello daddy,
Here we are in a rice paddy.
Nothing’s changing but the seasons,
If you feel anxious, there are plenty of good reasons.

Hello Buddha, Hello Shiva,
Here we are again back in Geneva,
Discussing war crimes and more Wiki Leaks--
Iranian uranium, pandemonium, and media freaks.

Hello human, hello world,
Is it time for a flag unfurled?
Airport pat-downs, x-ray screenings,
Even jay-walking now has secret meanings.

The sun is hotter, the poles are shrinking,
The air is fouler, what were we thinking?
The river’s polluted, the milk’s diluted,
Another nuclear power plant is slowly sinking.

Hello Jesus, Hello Allah,
Here we are in Guatemala,
Oil drilling; spoiled and spilling,
They keep them chillin'
With lots of killin' in Walla Walla.

Hello mom, hello pop.
 I guess it’s time
That I should stop-
They’ll say I'm a traitor.
But I’m really a waiter...
I hope this tip
Was worth the trip
So read it later.

The Human Condition

The Human Condition From the Animal’s Point of  View

A -- An Alligator asked an Albatross to ascertain if an atom bomb was so absolutely necessary for any animal to access.

B—A big brown Bear in Boston was baffled: "Who would bake such a big bad bombe?"

C— A California Condor candidly commented: “If we keep on counting Crows-- who knows, maybe mass extinction isn’t convincing enough."

D-- A Dove from Dover, Delaware flew over and left an olive laurel, declaring that Peace is a hardly done deal.

E— Every Elephant in England suddenly expected everyone else to eliminate their ever-increasing urge for ivory. We all eavesdropped.

F— Four feathered friends from Capistrano found it non-fortuitous to swallow a fortune cookie on Good Friday the thirteenth, without a faux-paparazzi fanfare.

G— A Great Egret sent her regrets, yet let her grievances be known: What great new toy is the neutron boy constructing to destroy our sacred home this time?

H— A hopeful Hippo from Honolulu offered a haunting haiku:

Life and Death are lost and won.
Just as the wars we've just begun.

I— An ingenious Iguana insisted that the idiot was too ill-tempered to imperialize the world with impunity. Imagine.

J— A Jaguar argued that it was perfectly normal for people not to expect justice over Orange Juice.

K—A Kangaroo from the Queensland Zoo was hopping mad about a neurotoxin leak, so she kicked up a storm during Euro-Boxing Week.

L—Love Birds in lower Mazatl├ín launched a long list of pet peeves-- namely to leave the birds and Bees out of this, pretty please.

M—A maimed Manatee moaned in misery. Voting and speed-boating should be outlawed in Florida, for very hurried reasons.

N—No nets were spoiled in nabbing large numbers of Fish, just like no Bushells were used while netting huge oil profits.

O—Obviously, the Owl’s observations were the wisest: only Ostriches are allowed to bury their heads in the Arabian sand and get away with it.

P— A Parrot from Paraguay paraphrased it precisely: People shouldn’t put up with inept politics--even the Pope proof-reads his prayers.

Q—Quite frail, a female Quail requested that all male guests scramble their own eggs from now on. It just seemed quizzical.

R— Rambunctious Roosters ranted and raved about all the Chicken feed they would need to recoup their initial investments, just before they flew the coop with the total down.

S— A stark white Swan seemed so innocent, stuck in the muck of that sorrowful oil spill.

T—Ten Indian Tigers tried to stress the notion that trash doesn’t mix with ocean.

U— A Unicorn was unexpectedly well-versed in the unique ways the USA could undermine uranium expansion.

V—Veteran Vipers vented their vitriol about revolution and Vietnam animosities.

W— A wannabe Wallaby in Waco wallowed in a wet, wild-west fantasy. Whoa!

X—Every one (except me) was expected to express exuberance over this stubborn Oxymoron.

Y—Yaks yelled the most about their frozen assets and why it was better to burn the bread today, than yearn for toast tomorrow.

Z—A dozen zealous zebras zigzagged their fate, then fell exhaustedly into a Zen-like state. They finally realized that Led Zeppelin was past its zenith.

Johnathon Gallagher   October 20, 2003


And so the weapons of war are bought and sold,
Like new oil lamps for old, or so we are told...
Loopholes for corporate cheaters, no taxes for temples and churches.
Big breaks for the rich leaders, even though the economy lurches.

A gallon of gas flies past five-fifty! Damn, I'm so coupon thrifty.
You can find me at the dollar store, buying assorted sundries, cheap allure.
Cutting corners scraping by, all those years I used to cry. But no more.
The people need to forsake the greed and return the deed to our country!

Johnathon Gallagher August 2, 2011

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What the Frack is Going On?

  •   I recently saw a 2008 documentary film,"Gasland."  It was a real eye-opener about how the Gas Industry is polluting our underground water sources.  In their pursuit of "cheap" natural gas reserves they are literally devastating the underground ecosystem that supports fragile aquifers and pristine wells that supply drinking water for American citizens.

    •   Since no one can actually "see" underground, the Drilling Offensive is taking place right under our noses, and in our faucets, so tainted that one can light a match to watch water burn!  Gas companies claim no responsibility or privately set up huge water cisterns to the places they disturb, delivering thousands of gallons of drinking water to towns, whose wells have been putrefied with contaminants.  In other areas they coerce citizens to "lease their land, or lose it" to Eminent Domain.
         With much disgust and dismay, the Gas Industry has polluted again and again.  They have lied over and over, and now they are pumping millions of gallons of chemically-laced toxins and carcinogens with this new process, "fracking."  Miles underground they cause mini-earthquakes, filling the sites with poisonous slurry to coax out the natural gases.  Methane leaks out and is a number one destroyer of the earth's sensitive ozone layer.  The Gas Companies then pump out 60% of the toxic compounds with thousands of gallons of water, leaving 40% lodged underground to seep into the surrounding soils and into underground aquifers, affecting all life forms. They dump the polluted water in streams and lakes with impunity. 
          Pennsylvania has just signed a law requiring doctors to sign an Oath of Silence, not to inform which harmful chemicals are being introduced into the environment of their patients.  The water we drink from the ground will not be safe in the hands of greedy oil companies exploiting fracking to sell compressed natural gas- at the dire expense of American taxpayer's health.  I urge you to watch, "Gasland," and to take action with your governmental representatives to protect our vital land and water resources from underground pollution. The inhumane practices espoused by Corporate Oil interests must go.
      Stop Fracking Now!
       The above Oil Painting is 18" x 24"  and is aptly titled, "Fracking." by Johnathon Gallagher ,
       March 2012
        *** This painting won first prize ribbon in the Honors Division at the Burbank Art Association's Spring Show - Geosystems Gallery in Glendale, CA.  May 15- June 15th 2012.

      Folks, I am shocked to say I rented, "Gasland 2," the follow-up to the first documentary on fracking.
      It is unbelievable that enormity of wells that have been drilled in the intervening years.  Literally thousands.  more details are given and the chemicals used to leech out natural gas are known carcinogens.
        California has recently put a ban on all fracking in our state.  Pennsylvania is now a big state that is supporting the joys of fracking, at the expense of their environment.  This film was even more disturbing because curbs and deadlines were set, and not met, yet go unpunished by law.  The power and money of big oil has waged a war on the control of destroying the underground filtration system, and polluting more and more severely.  It inspired me to create this animated painting.  What seems lovely on the outside is actually hiding sinister elements underneath its surface, where pipes ooze rust, and trust is thrust asunder.  Stop Fracking Now