Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello Muther

Hello mom, hello dad,
Here I am in Islamabad.
There’s people fighting,
There’s people dying,
And all we hear at night
Are soldiers crying.

Hello sister, hello brother,
Here we are with one another,
There's lots of guns,
And tons of ammo
There’s nothing greater-
It's twelve years later,
We're watching "Rambo."

Hello 'Raq, hello 'Ran,
I say it that way, because I can.
But if you don’t like it, well that’s too bad-
'Cause it could get much, much worse in old Baghdad.

Hello woman, hello man.
Here we are in Pakistan,
Osama’s gone to sea, Obama’s on TV,
But who’s deciding for me
How to stop this insanity?

Hello Turkey, hello Yemen,
Here we are, your darkest demon.
Hello Russia. Hello China
Guess we’ll see ya, North Korea.
If there's still a Seoul there; keep on dreamin'.

Hello mommy, hello daddy,
Here we are in a rice paddy.
Nothing’s changing but the seasons,
If you feel anxious, there are plenty of good reasons.

Hello Buddha, Hello Shiva,
Here we are again back in Geneva,
Discussing war crimes and more Wiki Leaks--
Iranian uranium, pandemonium, and media freaks.

Hello human, hello world,
Is it time for a flag unfurled?
Airport pat-downs, x-ray screenings,
Even jay-walking now has secret meanings.

The sun is hotter, the poles are shrinking,
The air is fouler, what were we thinking?
The river’s polluted, the milk’s diluted,
Another nuclear power plant is slowly sinking.

Hello Jesus, Hello Allah,
Here we are in Guatemala,
Oil drilling; spoiled and spilling,
They keep them chillin'
With lots of killin' in Walla Walla.

Hello mom, hello pop.
 I guess it’s time
That I should stop-
They’ll say I'm a traitor.
But I’m really a waiter...
I hope this tip
Was worth the trip
So read it later.

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