Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holly Leaves

In Holly's eyes were smiles-
Inspirational, as well as wise.
(Old Souls tend to trade miles
For the freedom of spirit that flies...)

Now winged and robed in white,
Holly shines with Angelic Light,
Glistening through a shower of tears,
Holly listens, and gently calms our fears,
As a double rainbow magically appears.

"All is well you guys, I'm working for God.
It might sound odd, but we're painting sunsets.
It's as good as it gets, so don't fret my dears...
Just think of me over the years, when you see the moon,
I'll always be with you, and will eventually see you soon."

Now heaven has a new Christmas angel named Holly.
An artist who just left us a reminder of fate's folly. 

We will love you always, dearest Holly. 

 Poem written by Johnathon Gallagher on Dec 21, 2016