Friday, March 24, 2017

Once Upon a Midnight Tweet

There’s no disputin’ that Vladimir Putin
Played a little roulette with our election.
Further discussions about the Russians
Point to the Gremlin who presides in the Kremlin.
More questions surround Jeff Sessions,
Who recused himself in connection.

In like Flynn, then out again,
The general resigned for a reason:
Talking 'bout sanctions beforehand
Was tantamount to treason.
It doesn’t take an idiot savant
To know exactly what we want:
The naked truth, fully exposed,
Just like the Emperor's brand new clothes.

Frankly speaking, the White House is leaking,
And where there’s smoke, there’s a liar.
It's now Bob Mueller's job to drain the swamp,
Lie by lie, fly by fly, without circumstance or pomp.

Out come the leeches, out come the rats, 
Out come the the speeches, the tit for tats--
From dossy A to glossy B, blatant in sexuality,
Powerful men are tanking fast--at last they're cast
As hypocrites and creeps; fast with nasty tweets.  

“It’s all an illusion, this ridiculous collusion.
Like fake news on the way to Mir a Lago.
(Junior, I hear a tapping, tapping at my Tower door.
Damned that meeting with Jared and Paul Manafort!")

So when Alec Baldwin is called in
And he slyly replaces Trump,
Kevin Spacey can play Edgar Cayce
And redecorate "The Dump."

Kevin Costner can guard the imposter,
And make Congress alter the roster;
And when the final turning point is reached,
President Trump will be impeached.

Anonymous Bosch   November, 2017