Sunday, August 27, 2017

Remembering a Friend

In Memory of Brett Willis

There once was a man named Brett,
A person you could never forget.
He was one of a kind,
Soul, body, and mind,
A man who held no regret.

Yet there was no answer
To that culprit, cancer,
That finally took his life.
But he was strong,
And held on long
To his children and his wife.

His gentle eyes
And charming style
Were as warm and wise
As his disarming smile.

And to have been a part
Of Brett’s great big heart
Is all that mattered to me and Rod,
Because he was a Sun God.

And so we are left
With hearts bereft,
To do our best
To pass the test,
Of letting go of
The man we know
Loved his life and his family
So strongly, and for so long.

God bless Brett Willis,
A man who could always fill us
With simple joys and laughter.
We will always hold true
Our dear memories of you
With love now and forever after.

Written by his friend,
Johnathon Gallagher     
September 28, 2009